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Compression Stocking

Compression therapy is the application of external pressure to the limp to reduce venous pressure within the limb.

This means wearing stocking that is specially designed to support your veins and increase circulation. To be most effective, the stockings should be put on at the start of your day and removed before you go to bed.


Remember that the heart attempts to pump blood against gravity up the veins of the legs. As a person walks, the regular contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins are necessary to help move blood towards the heart.


Some people have an inherited weakness of the vein walls or valves which creates additional challenges to venous circulation.


Wearing compression socks or stockings is vital for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and other circulatory problems, especially for individuals who are at risk*."

* As of SIGVARIS and life for legs publication.

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